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Why we made this forum.
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Author:  Asheguy [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Why we made this forum.

We made this forum to address three specific issues which are outlined below.

Dead Topics: This one is pretty straight forward if a post or topic has become static or is not being discussed any longer it is moved here to reduce the amount of clutter in The Community portion of the forums.

Troll posts: There are two reasons that we move such posts here. First is to prevent or stop flamewars that some folks like to start for whatever reason and to stop users from insulting or bullying other users. Secondly is to provide examples of the above mentioned behavior so that there is no confusion on the matter.

Political Topics: We respect your right to freedom of speech and thought on certain political issues and topics. However this is not a political site and we do not take sides on any political issues be it in the real world or in Linux.

If a user posts either a troll or political topic and it has a link to another website in it, the link will be removed but other than that the post will be left as is.

Team Peppermint

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