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 Post subject: How to create an encrypted password protected folder
PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:51 pm 
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Let's say your Laptop or Netbook is stolen, with local access your login isn't much protection and is quite easily bypassed.

An encrypted home folder is an option (and is offered during installation), but having the WHOLE home folder encrypted can make troubleshooting a lot of login issues nearly impossible, so it's not for everyone (me included).

So how would you like a password protected and encrypted FOLDER in your home folder where you can save JUST your sensitive files ?

Cryptkeeper is a Linux system tray applet that manages encrypted folders. It utilises EncFS which is a FUSE-based encrypted file system, which transparently handles encryption/decryption.

OK, first to install cryptkeeper .. open a terminal and run:
sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper

then to make cryptkeeper autostart at login, run:
mkddir -v ~/.config/autostart

(don't worry if that last command fails, it just means the directory already exists .. just carry on below)
cp -v /usr/share/applications/cryptkeeper.desktop ~/.config/autostart/cryptkeeper.desktop

Now log off/on (or reboot)

You'll now see a new Cryptkeeper icon in your system tray (by the clock).

Right-click the Cryptkeeper system tray icon, and select "Preferences"

Change -

File browser: nautilus


File browser: pcmanfm

and click the "Close" button.

Now normal (left) click the Cryptkeeper icon and you'll be presented with a menu like this:-


Select "New encrypted folder" .. and you'll be presented with this dialog:-


Select your home folder in the right hand column, and enter a name for your new encrypted folder (I've called mine "Encrypted" in the above screenshot), then click the "Forward" button.

You''ll then be presented with this dialog asking for a password for the Encrypted folder


Enter the password you want to use (twice) and click the "Forward" button.

That's it .. you're done :)

You'll now find a folder (in your home folder) called whatever name you chose .. it will appear to work as any other folder (encryption/decryption will be totally transparent)


When you reboot, that folder won't even by visible in your home directory until you click the system tray icon and select the folder
(shown as the top option here):-


then enter the password you chose when prompted.

Only then does the encrypted folder appear.

Any data you keep in there should be safe if your PC is stolen because the thief won't have the password to access the folder .. but .. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD ;)

If you forget your password, don't come moaning to me .. I CANNOT help you recover the data from the encrypted folder .. that's kinda the whole point ;)


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