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[One] Make prism ask you where to save each file
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Author:  Rich_Roast [ Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  [One] Make prism ask you where to save each file

Class: Prism configuration tweak
Difficulty: Easy, a couple of edits to a config text file.
Time: Five minutes if down efficiently.
Desirability: Gives greater degree of control over where prism downloads files.

This came up a long time ago and recently once more over irc so I thought I'd post a solution here. Basically the problem is that, irrespective of Firefox's settings, prism applications refuse to ask you where to save downloads, rather preferring to download to the Desktop or Downloads folder every time (I can't quite remember to do this).

The solution is to make a couple of edits to the file at /usr/share/prism/prism/defaults/preferences/preferences.js ; you will need to have root privileges to do this. The following two lines, with what they should be changed to, are the culprits:

pref("", false);
pref("", 1);

I've pastebinned the whole lot here for convenience.

Incidentally there are a whole lot of variables you can change in that file to tweak Prism's behaviour. It's its equivalent of about:config in firefox.

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