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 Post subject: How To Increase Your Internet Connection Speed in Linux
PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:33 pm 
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How To Increase Your Internet Connection Speed in Linux

For a very long time I have noticed that the Internet connection speed & Download Speed for All Linux Distros I have Tested (including & Ubuntu & their Editions ,Linux Mint & their CE's, Knoppix,YLMF OS,Peppermint, Ect.All Linux ) were very Slow as Compared to the speed on the same ISP & Hardware as the Win OS. I do not know if something was removed from a source package or what caused this decrease, but it is somewhat Linux Wide.
I have extensively looked for solutions & tested connection Speeds with Win Vs Linux Under the same exact Hardware Platforms from various sources on line The Internet (, & Ect.) & from my hardware & various other computer systems( iwlist, iwconfig, ifconfig ,ect.)
Due to the release of the New LTS of Ubuntu 10 & LTS LinuxMint 9, I was thinking that it may resolve these issues, but it seems that even more Users have This Problem. So I have searched in vain for a solution & I finally made a breakthrough, that has enabled me to achieve the same speed as my Win OS on the same Hardware, More Than Doubling My Speed in Linux !

Now I cannot guarantee that it will work with all Hardware In all situations, But I will Attempt to recreate the steps taken to achieve the desired results.
Like I said This may (or May Not ) fix Some wireless Hardware & may fix Other connections to give you the same Internet Speed & Download Speed That you get with Win on the Same Hardware.

Just as a test for your own proof, to see if it speeds up your connection, go to one of the on line speed testing sites & run a speed test before ( now ) & after (later) you have made these changes. I use, but there are many others, just search in

Basically we are forcing your hardware to connect @ the maximum speed Every Time, rather than choose a lower speed , As is the default.

Ok we are going to open a terminal & find out what your hardware connection Is to the internet.

In Peppermint to open the LX Terminal, You can go to the Menu, Accessories,LX Terminal or The Keys ctrl+alt+t .

Open a terminal for Wireless enter iwconfig then hit enter. For Wired Ethernet enter ifconfig & hit enter.

This should display the hardware & location of =
EX =

    mi@Mint8-KDEX64 ~ $ iwconfig
    lo        no wireless extensions.

    eth0      no wireless extensions.

    eth2      IEEE 802.11  Nickname:""
              Access Point: Not-Associated
              Link Quality:5  Signal level:207  Noise level:166
              Rx invalid nwid:0  invalid crypt:0  invalid misc:0

So here you can see that my wireless adapter is located @ ( eth2 )
YOURS MAY BE DIFFERENT SUCH AS Wlan0 OR WLAN1, note the location, keep the terminal open.

Then were going to Open Another terminal & Navigate Open the file as root user with your text editor( leafpad for Peppermint ),The text file we are Going to open is /etc/rc.local

Open a terminal and insert:

sudo leafpad /etc/rc.local

Enter your password.(The cursor will not show you entering your password.) This should open the rc.local file as root in the text editor.

Add this exactly. to the end of the list replacing ( wlan0 ) with whatever is in your connection readout in the first terminal you opened.

iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M

At The End your text file should look like this =
# By default this script does nothing.
iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M
exit 0

Now save the file ( from the text editor drop down menu ) & close the Text editor. Close both the Terminal's.

By adding this to the end of the rc.local file, every time your computer connects to the Internet,It looks for the maximum speed that your connection offers.

Now You Must Reboot your Computer.

This works on all four of my systems I have modified, so far giving me the same speed that I get in Win.
I hope this works as well for you, Have a Good Day,

Peppermint Linux OS Global Administrator


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