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 Post subject: [Ice][Two] How to have changeable proxies in chromium
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:22 pm 

Joined: Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:31 am
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Class: Proxy configuration howto
Difficulty: Easy - moderate. Wants a short shell script and a choice to be made over userspace method
Time: 5 - 15 minutes
Desirability: Mostly affects Ice users (or One users using chromium-browser) who need to switch between proxy servers

The command line and environment variable control of chromium proxies doesn't really cut it if you like to sleep your laptop between locations without restarting chromium or just don't want to think about which variation of chromium to start.

When running full Gnome, chromium uses the Gnome system proxy settings. How can we do that? All it takes is:


You can try this out in your shell, but in the end you'll want to put it somewhere that enables you to launch chromium from the graphical environment. I like $HOME/.xsessionrc, but there are other choices.

OK, that's reading Gnome proxy settings. How do we write the Gnome proxy settings?

  1. The Gnome GUI for this is in the gnome-control-center package which requires a lot of Gnome dependencies. Not desirable.
  2. You can write some scripts to use gconftool as shown here.
    1. You can make .desktop items that use those scripts an put them on your desktop or in your menus.
    2. You can use wicd to trigger those scripts.
    3. You can write a nice tcl/tk or PyGTK gui that uses gconftool and share it. :)
  3. You can use the Proxy Switchy! proxy manager extension for chrome. This puts Gnome proxy control right in chromium. But since the extension uses a C library, it loads with a scary warning about accessing data on your computer. And while the extension is open source, the C portion isn't, so this is a legimate security concern. Despite all this, it is a very popular proxy manager on chrome.


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