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[One][Two] Installing Lexmark 3600-4600 printer (Wired)
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Author:  enginerd [ Wed May 26, 2010 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  [One][Two] Installing Lexmark 3600-4600 printer (Wired)

Class: Lexmark Wireless Printing
Difficulty: Advanced, Configuring CUPS
Time: 20-30 minutes
Desirability: Enable wireless printing on Lexmark all in one

This is a fairly long process that has many steps, none of these steps are hard on thier own but they leave a lot of opportunities to get lost so follow the steps very closely. Don't get discouraged by the number of screen shots provided, I felt it would be better to have EVERY step than to skip any. This is part one of a two part How To, this part will cover printing while plugged in to the printer, the second part will cover setting up wireless printing (part two relies on part one being completed properly).

The driver for this How-To does come from a 3rd Party source and therefore may change, if this is the case the following may or may not work. Keep this in mind as you get started.

That being said lets get going.

First step is to download the linux driver from Lexmark for the x series 3600-4600 all in one printer. An x4650 was used for this install.

Linux Driver

Once the download finishes extract the driver. The driver needs root permissions to install but there is a bug (as of the time this was written). To get around the bug open Pcmanfm as root (be very carful with this!!!).
sudo pcmanfm

Once you have done that navigate to the driver and double click on it to start the intsall. The first thing you see should be this.


Click "OK" and you will see.


Next screen you will need to agree to their policies and click "OK".


Finally we are to the point of installing the driver, "OK" again.


The next screen will ask you to plug your printer in. After you have plugged it in click "OK".


Now there should be a list of printers detected, select the correct one (for me there was only one).


The next screen gives you the device name and a field to fill in a name you would like to give the printer.


Finally you have the option to register or not. As my printer was already registered I opted not to, I don't know what steps registration may take you through.


Now we are on the last step of the driver install. Click "Finish" and you are done.

At this point you should be able to print as long as the printer is plugged into your system. If that is good enough for you there is no reason to read on. If you want to print wirelessly continue to this link and I will go through how to configure the printer in CUPS.

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