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 Post subject: New Hardware
PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:49 am 

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Just thought I would post this up here to show that Peppermint runs amazingly well on fairly current hardware. Loved it on my laptop so much had to throw it on my desktop. Everything worked right out of the box. Thank you Peppermint team for making such a beautiful and stable distro.

System:    Host: dragonstear Kernel: 3.8.0-35-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: N/A Distro: Peppermint Four
Machine:   System: Gigabyte product: Z87X-UD3H
           Mobo: Gigabyte model: Z87X-UD3H-CF version: x.x Bios: American Megatrends version: F7 date: 08/03/2013
CPU:       Quad core Intel Core i7-4770 CPU (-HT-MCP-) cache: 8192 KB flags: (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx)
           Clock Speeds: 1: 800.00 MHz 2: 3401.00 MHz 3: 3401.00 MHz 4: 3401.00 MHz 5: 1000.00 MHz 6: 800.00 MHz 7: 800.00 MHz 8: 800.00 MHz
Graphics:  Card: NVIDIA GK106 [GeForce GTX 650 Ti]
           X.Org: 1.13.3 driver: nvidia Resolution: 1920x1200@60.0hz, 1680x1050@59.9hz
           GLX Renderer: GeForce GTX 650 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 GLX Version: 4.3.0 NVIDIA 310.44
Audio:     Card-1: NVIDIA Device 0e0b driver: snd_hda_intel Sound: ALSA ver: k3.8.0-35-generic
           Card-2: Intel Lynx Point High Definition Audio Controller driver: snd_hda_intel
Network:   Card: Intel Ethernet Connection I217-V driver: e1000e
           IF: eth0 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full mac: 94:de:80:b7:da:a8
Drives:    HDD Total Size: 6251.2GB (14.9% used) 1: id: /dev/sda model: Samsung_SSD_840 size: 250.1GB
           2: id: /dev/sdb model: ST3000VX000 size: 3000.6GB 3: id: /dev/sdc model: ST3000VX000 size: 3000.6GB
Partition: ID: / size: 215G used: 5.5G (3%) fs: ext4 ID: /home size: 2.7T used: 45G (2%) fs: ext4
           ID: swap-1 size: 16.06GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap
RAID:      No RAID devices detected - /proc/mdstat and md_mod kernel raid module present
Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 29.8C mobo: 27.8C gpu: 28C
           Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: N/A
Info:      Processes: 217 Uptime: 1 day Memory: 1872.3/16000.0MB Client: Shell inxi: 1.8.4


 Post subject: Re: New Hardware
PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:19 pm 
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More than happy to hear you're enjoying Peppermint :)

Please be sure to sign up to the new Peppermint forum and post any new question there .. this forum will be made read-only on the 1st April 2014

You can read the announcement here:
Or here's a direct link to the new forum:

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