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Is Peppermint OS laptop/netbook battery friendly?
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Author:  Asheguy [ Sat May 22, 2010 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Is Peppermint OS laptop/netbook battery friendly?

Peppermint is very easy on you laptop's battery.

This is mainly due to the LXDE desktop that Peppermint uses. The beauty of LXDE is that it is completely modular, meaning it dose not need a ton of extra dependencies to get the desktop to function correctly. Ubuntu uses the Gnome desktop and it is very dependency heavy and thus very power hungry. The more programs you have installed and running in the background to make the main program run up front means more power use by your processor and RAM and that drains your battery faster.

Peppermint is a complete full-featured desktop OS that is light weight and thus not very power hungry thanks to the LXDE desktop. I have it installed on my desktop, laptop, and netbook and they all run very efficiently.

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