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Keep Windows installed?
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Author:  Asheguy [ Fri May 21, 2010 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Keep Windows installed?

Well that is up to you it is your computer. As I stated in the How do I install Peppermint section if you have reports, spreadsheets, or anything else in Microsoft Office you need to keep Windows on your system due to the fact that Open Office and Abiword can not as of yet read the new Microsoft Office file formants as of yet. If you play games on your computer you will need to keep Windows on your computer to play them. Another area has to do with the i-pod and the new i-phones. Although there are some programs that run i-pods well and work well with i-tunes, such as Exaile the support for the i-phone and i-pod touch is at best unreliable so if you have these devices I would keep Windows on your computer. Another big reason is until you get used to using Linux you will find yourself going back and forth between the two to get stuff done, I did it for about six months. You may come across some users who say that they have not had any of these problems and if you do bug them to tell you how they got the items to work.

You will also come across some users who will make you feel stupid or less than for keeping Windows on your computer. Remember this is your computer and you can do with it what ever you like no matter what they say. If this happens to you in Peppermint user land let us know right away and we will deal with the situation!

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